Darkstorm Adventures

Can anyone survive? Are there no heros?

Silverflames Legacy Volume 1

Darkstorm Adventures is a new up and coming set of tabletop RPG Adventure Modules for Pathfinder 2e and Dungeons and Dragons 5e set in the fantastical world of Espartia. Each adventure module book contains the content for both Pathfinder 2e and the Dungeons and Dragons 5e rules system. Darkstorm Adventures will feature thrilling and memorable campaigns and one-shots that will entice all sorts of players, from the avid roleplayer, the combat warrior, and the adventure seeking explorer. Escaping the undead, battling werewolf samurais, and solving the mysteries of ancient dungeons, Darkstorm Adventures has you covered.

Our first module in this wonderous world of Espartia is Silverflames Legacy Volume 1 and will be released in Q1 of 2024.


Onward to Espartia

Walrus Game Studio will also be revealing the world of Espartia as the stories and adventures move forward. We will be releasing World Book modules that expose the rich detail of Espartia by the regions these adventures occur in. Rest assured that the world of Espartia will be yours to understand, enjoy and conquer.