We Make Games


and we love to play them!

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Imagination and Passion Required

Walrus Game Studio is driven by a passion for gaming. Everyone on the team constantly throws out new ideas and ways to have fun. We started out as a group of technologists who often played together, in person and online. We soon discovered that our backgrounds, personally and professionally, were the right mix of talents to be able to design and make games; both table top and video games. We built the company on a core principal of being an independent studio. This allows us the breathing room to be as creative as we want. Our main goal is to make and publish great games that you love to play!

We try to make sure the effort and energy we bring to our games results in great game play for our customers. The diverse skill sets and gaming backgrounds on our team always make for interesting conversations and creative energy. If you want to know more about what we're doing please check out our twitter, discord, youtube, and twitch channels.


What do we like to do

Create games we would love to play ourselves.

The Games


Walrus Game Studio was founded in 2019, in Dublin, Ohio. The team has already created the Darkstorm adventure series for multiple tabletop RPG systems. The team is also busy wrapping up the PvP Battle-Royale video game Walrus-a-gogo, with more games coming in 2024 and beyond.



Walrus Game Studio Founders

Curt Weatherbee

Senior Managing Partner

Dante Ventresca

Senior Partner Operations

Matthew Zubritsky

Senior Partner Creative Content